The Plan

Leigh has an exciting future

The Plan Leigh pg bannerv2

Leigh is a town with a rich, illustrious history and an exciting and vibrant future.

As you will discover when you read this masterplan document, Leigh has a multitude of inspirational regeneration and growth opportunities.

For the first time in a long time Leigh is no longer turning its back on its historic waterways but is instead using its famous canals as catalysts for change.

The canals are the blue arteries of the town – waterways which are inspiring new development and creative and attractive living spaces.

This masterplan highlights the enormous potential the likes of Bridgewater Urban Village and Westleigh Waterfront have for waterside living, enhanced by excellence in design.

What has been achieved already at Pennington Wharf Marina shows the power of Leigh’s canals to deliver transformational change with the right vision.

We very much welcome new partnerships with businesses inspired by this vision and want to help us make it a reality.

If the canals are its arteries, the town centre is Leigh’s heart.

The council is committing millions to regenerating Leigh town centre to make it a more welcoming and attractive centre for shoppers, visitors and businesses.

Leigh town centre has a strong business and retail community with a thriving indoor market and a local catchment area of 120,000 people.

We are looking for support from the private sector to help accelerate regeneration.

To deliver the facilities and spaces that communities deserve, we, the private and public sector, need to work together to make that happen.

A great success story of this partnership working is the Leigh guided busway.

Infrastructure funded by the public sector and a successful service now operated by the private sector delivering over two million passenger journeys in just over a year.

We are determined to continue to enable growth in Leigh, to put our efforts into taking quick decisions, streamlining processes and working with private sector partners to enable delivery.

The time is right and the next few years are critical. We pledge to work tirelessly to realise Leigh’s full potential and to unlock regeneration and economic wealth for the borough as a whole.

Councillor David Molyneux
Deputy Leader of Wigan Council / Portfolio Holder for Regeneration